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    Leonard Consultancy Services was started in the year 2010 with the interest of providing I.T and Non-IT corporate solutions to our clients

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    Our Services includes organized teams having expertise to work on different industry verticals like,I.T,BPO,Manufacturing,Media,Pharma.........etc.

  • Team work

    Our organisation leverages on the team strengths and constantly helps to gain domain experience with its clients.

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Welcome to Leonard Consultancy Services

Leonard Consultancy Services was started in the year 2010 with the interest of providing I.T and Non-IT corporate solutions to our clients. Over the years, Leonard Consultancy has evolved into an integrated human resource services company with a commitment to provide people and people-related services. Since Human resource management has become an increasingly complex and challenging area today, adherence to business ethics and commitment to meet and exceed client expectations will position Leonard Consultancy team in a good grade to retain the trust and goodwill of clients, shareholders, employees and customers, all over india and Abroad.

Our Mantra


We achieve our quality goal by:


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Location: Chennai, Job type: Full time, Salary range: 25,000

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Location: Hydrabad, Job type: Full time, Salary range: 30,0000

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